Atrocious Immoralities



Without a family or a coin to her name, a dilapidated orphanage in the English municipality of Kaysford is all that Avis Papley has known in her ten years of life.

She’s bound to open that locket around her neck.

Charles Stuart I is bound to stray from the stable Protestant monarchy his family has forged.

Although the two paths seem exclusive, there is much that entwines Avis with the young Stuart heir, and Avis gains a power far beyond the realm of politics.

A choice that seems to promise safety and riches will lead to more danger than the young woman could have ever imagined as she takes journeys with curious people to lands where the dead are given second chances.

Author Brynne Stevens with Atrocious Immoralities book cover, release date August 5, 2022

Atrocious Immoralities is an extraordinary story filled with forgotten history, romance, and fast-paced action with a dash of Celtic mythology. With dialogue written in Middle English and a unique constructed language, it creates an immersive and fascinating world. It IS NOW AVAILABLE in digital and physical marketplaces in August 2022.

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Stevens’s novel hits a furious pace from the get-go that immediately sucks the reader in. The book is carefully plotted, with a storyline that moves along with clarity and grace. The prose is crafted skillfully, and the language used is often effortlessly beautiful and captivating. The author has an excellent handle on Middle English, making it understandable to readers and melding it with current language throughout the book. Striking imagery provides readers with concrete and relatable visuals. Readers will enjoy Stevens’s twist on the fantasy subgenre of magic realism cut with a hint of bildungsroman. Stevens introduces originality into the oft-written tropes of witches and magic in that her novel takes place in the 1600s and features a child protagonist who has gained her powers as the reincarnation of a powerful witch. The protagonist and her natural thirst for knowledge, intellect, and curiosity, along with her situation and circumstances, are elements that also set the novel apart. The characters in Stevens’s Atrocious Immoralities are convincing and relatable. Readers will empathize wholly with the cast as they grow and change; every character adds relevance, or at least contextuality, to the story’s main story threads.”

BookLife with Publisher’s Weekly, 9.75/10
Atrocious Immoralities

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